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Formed through the acquisition of Fusion Financial Partners, LLC, the Institutional Clients Group (ICG) is a dedicated team with a sole focus on providing strategic counsel and execution services to the U.S. RIA marketplace.

Supporting growth for RIAs regardless of their lifecycle stage

Whether an established RIA looking for revenue growth or a breakaway team seeking launch services, ICG provides important support to RIAs of all sizes. Our suite of services includes vision and strategy development, revenue growth solutions, pricing and compensation, tuck-in roadmap and execution, M&A services, succession planning, and breakaway advisor launch services.

What We Do

Expert resources available to support your growth.

Delivering Masterclass education, the Advisor Academy is a membership community of experts, advisors and business owners that convene to share their knowledge, experience, and challenges. The Advisor Academy’s objective is delivering this intelligence through a real-time, module-based curriculum of interactive workshops.

ICG is your outsourced Chief Growth Officer for strategic guidance on developing an optimal operating environment, including corporate governance, winning strategies for in-organic growth initiatives (recruiting), firm profitability, revenue expansion, and organic growth to achieve leverage and scale.

Point A to RIA.

For a NewCo advisor team looking to enter the RIA market, or a large institution looking to future proof their business model, by adding a national ADV platform. Harness our team’s experience within large organizations and leverage their insider expertise for advice and master builder services for creating an enterprise grade platform.

For PE investors, investment banks or advisor firms, we become a part of your due diligence team. We provide unfiltered advice throughout your investment or acquisition process in wealth management and fintech investments.

For sellers, we open our network to a vast universe of buyers and lenders for a one stop solution.

For advisors seeking monetization, succession planning or growth capital, we provide a proprietary process to gain access to the market’s leading investors and lenders. Our process has led to funding over $200m in acquisition revenue and over $50m in specialty financing.

Using a rubric of 20+ key decisions across operational, technology, and growth segments, we assess and benchmark your organization against best-in-class. This involves data intake, interviews, and culminates in a written report of the findings, scoring methodology and action recommendations. You can do it yourself or hire us to complete.

We are built to do this work.

Founded and operated by financial and technology industry veterans, Mirador has deep insights into the needs of those with significant wealth and those who serve them – and how to leverage technology to solve those needs efficiently. As such, we are directly aligned with our clients’ best interests.

As a managed service provider, our business relies on over-delivering for every client, so we’ll be with you every step of the way. We are equipped to answer any question and identify and resolve any issue.