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Alts Data

Mirador has developed tools and processes that allow the firm to easily input and report on alternative investment data (within your reporting system), reducing time between valuation updates to clients.

Mirador is now part of iCapital

A tech-enabled
alts service

Alts data management becomes more complicated and time-consuming as your alts portfolio expands. A technology-centric alts solution is not a silver bullet.


Mirador leverages proprietary technology to extract and label your alts data. But what sets us apart is the “bookend” human interaction still required for proper set-up and customization as well as importing and validation to ensure data quality. Data can be easily monitored in your alts monitoring dashboard within the Gateway portal.


We offer alts data management both as a stand-alone service (reconciling data with your existing reporting system) or as part of a full reporting system operation agreement. Our clients rely on us to handle the details and expect accuracy every time.

What We Offer

The process and
Mirador’s role.

Discovery: Mirador reviews alts positions and scopes the implementation project, including historical validation needs. Your dedicated Mirador team works collaboratively with your reporting technology provider.


Onboarding: Mirador assists with collecting end-client authorizations to be added as an interested party, minimizing the impact to you and your end-clients as much as possible.


Data Collection: Mirador connects directly to fund managers and fund admins to receive activity
alerts and valuation statements (and proactively contacts fund data sources if documents are late or missing.

Extract: Technology is leveraged to extract data from activity notifications and statements.


Label: Data is labeled for loading into the reporting system.


Ingest: New activity and valuations are updated in the system.

Mirador reviews QC Views and reconciles the imported data to ensure quality for accurate analysis and reporting, including syncing transactions with corresponding cash flows.

All data is tracked in an ongoing basis throughout the process in your own alts data dashboard inside Mirador’s client portal called Gateway. Documents are also organized, stored, and shared in a single secure vault and can be integrated with your document storage system.

We are built to do this work.

Founded and operated by financial and technology industry veterans, Mirador has deep insights into the needs of those with significant wealth and those who serve them – and how to leverage technology to solve those needs efficiently. As such, we are directly aligned with our clients’ best interests.

As a managed service provider, our business relies on over-delivering for every client, so we’ll be with you every step of the way. We are equipped to answer any question and identify and resolve any issue.