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Investment Desk

Working behind the scenes, we provide private investment support services that leverage our operations and technology expertise.

Mirador is now part of iCapital

We handle the details, so you don’t have to.

Building firm and client value should be your focus – not the dozens of tasks required to support private investment activity. Mirador’s Private Investment Desk provides veteran staff knowledgeable in the specialized skillset required to manage the tasks unique to this channel, helping you run an efficient business.

Expand your team without expanding your team.

As a company whose mission is to “serve those who serve wealth,” Mirador will become your trusted partner. Your dedicated Mirador team will become an extension of your staff, available anytime you need them, reducing the need for you to hire in-house support staff while shifting expenses to align with your growth.

Services We Provide

Our team becomes your private investment desk.

With extensive knowledge on procedures and requirements, our experts manage the time-consuming documentation requirements for closing private investments on your behalf.
·      Subscription doc pre-filling
·      KYC/AML
·      PII management

Ensuring timely and accurate capital call execution becomes more complex as portfolios grow. We oversee thousands of private investments with our proven approach. We got this.
·      Capital call validation
·      Wire preparation
·      Unfunded/Commitment recon

We will act as a proxy on your behalf, maintaining regular and detailed interactions with funds, and staying ahead of next steps so you don’t have to.
·      Client re-registrations
·      Interest transfers
·      Wire updates
·      AML documentation/upkeep

A lot happens across client accounts, and it can be over-whelming to stay on top of all the associated actions and details. That’s our job.
·      Fund document management
·      K-1 retrieval
·      Offering Memorandum review
·      LP Agreement review
·      Investment Committee liaison

Your team will automatically interface with your Mirador Reporting team to ensure events impacting overall portfolio metrics will always be reflected in real time.
·   New investments
·   Valuation updates
·   Capital infusions/distributions
·   Investment redemptions
·   Other

We will coordinate seamlessly with your Client Service team, anticipating needs and helping you deliver an exceptional client experience.
·      Document management
·      Liquidity anticipation
·      CRM maintenance
·      Tax documentation needs

We are built to do this work.

Founded and operated by financial and technology industry veterans, Mirador has deep insights into the needs of those with significant wealth and those who serve them – and how to leverage technology to solve those needs efficiently. As such, we are directly aligned with our clients’ best interests.

As a managed service provider, our business relies on over-delivering for every client, so we’ll be with you every step of the way. We are equipped to answer any question and identify and resolve any issue.

Let’s start a discussion.

Thank you for your interest in Mirador. We look forward to connecting and exploring how we can support your business. Please complete the form to the right and a Mirador representative will contact you within 2 business days.

And be assured, your information is stored in a secured vault and will always remain private.