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About Us

Our Vision
& Values

Trust. Growth. Innovation. Transparency. Social Responsibility. Our guiding principles are more than feel-good words; they’re promises we make to our clients, to our employees, and to everyone else with whom we do busines.

Mirador is now part of iCapital

We believe perspective
is everything.

Our unique perspective comes from a thorough knowledge of financial instruments, experience managing systems for wealthy families and wealth organizations, and our ability to manipulate and visualize big data.

Put them all together, and you’ll be able to uncover insights you could never find on your own. And we’re able to do it in ‘real-time’ — with a minimal amount of input from you. Which means instead of wrestling with mountains of data, you’re finally able to focus on using this information to make better investment decisions.

Values grounded
in Wall Street

At Mirador, we understand the intricacies of overseeing complex investment portfolios, the cadence of the financial markets as well as your quality demands, and bring that understanding to all of our services. It’s why all our client advocates have finance-based backgrounds, so the guidance we provide not only makes sense but is based on real-world knowledge. This is why our clients trust us to uncover the full transparency of their financial portfolios.

A vision enabled
by technology

Mirador provides timely and insightful analysis through complex computing. We merge our knowledge of financial reporting and markets with innovative data processing technology to provide the clearest and most comprehensive portfolio pictures available. We will always leverage technology to improve the quality and efficiency of our offerings to make sure your customer experience is always premier.