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We are an independent reporting service that utilizes best-of-breed third-party reporting tools to help you identify opportunities and risks within your portfolio.

Mirador is now part of iCapital

Taking financial reporting a step further.

Financial reporting measures investment performance, cash flows, worth, and opportunities and risks inherent in every asset and liability across your entire portfolio, and not just for your mandate but for all held-away assets. Whether it’s other manager’s portfolios, individual trading accounts, bank accounts, direct investments such as private-equity and hedge-fund stakes, real-estate, collectibles, and even liabilities we can make sure you understand and view your assets clearly.

Choosing the
right solution.

Our services are tailored to maximize value to your financial life, with reports built to your signature approach. Our financial reporting is always rendered to create the most value for you.

Selecting the best reporting solution should go beyond the brochureware and reputation of the offering. Mirador will review the universe of reporting options through the lens of your unique reporting goals and requirements. Once leading candidates are identified, Mirador will leverage its knowledge to secure the optimal solution and best pricing.

What We Do

Our seamless approach to financial reporting.

Comprehensive financial reporting is our primary focus. Unlike large multi-offering firms that offer reporting as an ancillary service, or a consulting service that configures your system and leaves, an operate engagement with Mirador means we are with you every day.

We provide end-to-end maintenance of our clients’ performance reporting and aggregation systems, ensuring the system’s maximum value is realized.

Mirador is committed to making sure the data is right, every time. We’re continually refining your reports to yield new insights and we’re always here to provide timely answers to your questions — big or small.

You’ll benefit from having subject matter experts oversee your financial reporting processes and your team in order to recommend optimizations that you never knew existed.

We will be on hand to educate your team as to best practices for policies, procedures, and workflows and guide you through the implementation of these recommendations every step of the way.

Our unique perspective comes from a thorough knowledge of financial instruments, experience managing systems for wealthy families and organizations, and our ability to manipulate and visualize big data.

Today’s wealth managers and family offices manage complex portfolios that often include scores of alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, and “hard-assets” such as real estate and collectibles. As a result, these firms are inundated with thousands of documents annually, containing 200,000 or more transactions, valuation, and performance data points.

Mirador will be added as an interested third party, securely receive and store the data, manually enter the data, and reconcile the positions, transactions, and performance, allowing firms to refocus capital and human resources on business performance and growth.

Seemingly simple on the surface, compiling a wholistic picture of an investor’s assets presents significant challenges, especially when interfacing with many financial institutions and/or asset types simultaneously.

With our breadth of industry experience, we can aggregate assets regardless of their type or location. We will streamline the process by developing and executing an aggregation plan that will make a once unattainable wholistic picture possible.

Our private portfolio analytics service helps investors and wealth managers make well-informed, proactive decisions about each challenge and opportunity impacting their private investment portfolio. Uncover and address portfolio risks and opportunities early-on and improve outcomes with real-time visibility.

Data enrichment modules that deliver deeper insights and more transparency.

In addition to our industry-leading financial reporting partners, Mirador works with the industry’s most powerful investment analytics and data enrichment providers. As such, we can customize reporting data by a number of powerful factors, including but not limited to; ESG, Sector, Geography, Loan/Liability Tracking and Liquidity Forecasting. These reporting enhancements support more informed investment decisions.

Mirador’s reporting services also include reporting on client collections – heirlooms and artwork, classic cars, watches and jewelry, furniture and antiques, to name just a few.

Mirador has the staff, expertise, and skill to implement so we also can assist you with projects such as:

    • Historical Backfill
    • System Conversions
    • System and Tool Integrations 
    • Training
    • Vendor Selection
    • Data Structure Cleanup
    • Best Practices Consulting

We are built to do this work.

As a managed service partner to our clients, our business relies on over-delivering every time, so we’ll be with you every step of the way. We are equipped to answer any question and identify and resolve any issue.

Let’s start a discussion.

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And be assured, your information is stored in a secured vault and will always remain private.