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Mirador combines people, process and technology to handle all aspects of K-1 document management for our clients.

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The K-1 Conundrum.

Alternative investments continue to grow in popularity among UHNW investors, providing diversification, mitigating market volatility and offering tax benefits in some cases.

One by-product of this dynamic is the significant operational burden that K-1 and other tax document management places on family offices, wealth managers, and accountants come tax season. This tracking exercise is an administrative pain point.

A single fund may have dozens of different K-1s across various states, and many UHNW investors have dozens, or even hundreds, of alternative investments.

Whether processing a single K-1 or many more, it’s important to be able to retrieve each unique K-1, store it safely and provide easy access to the client or designee.

Our Tech-Enabled
K-1 Document
Management Service.

As part of Mirador’s seamless Alternative Data Management services, we combine people, process and technology to solve the K-1 conundrum and handle all aspects of K-1 document management for our clients, saving them an enormous amount of time.

Mirador’s team of alternative data experts (people) manage a very prescriptive process while leveraging proprietary technology to retrieve, track, store, and deliver client tax-related documents.

Our clients rely on us to handle the details and expect completeness and accuracy every time.

Consider The Benefits

Run a More Efficient Business

As your partner, we provide a dedicated team to serve as an extension of your staff, adopting your firm processes and K-1 reporting requirements. Avoid the risk associated with the loss of key personnel. We will always be at your side.

Manual processes can lead to outdated documents or erroneous results and produce unnecessary anxiety. Our tech-enabled service delivers accuracy you can trust, readily available to you on your dashboard.

As your alts portfolio continues to expand, your success depends on your ability to scale your operation. Don’t let the administrative burden of K-1 management affect your alts strategy and portfolio growth.

Guiding your clients on making the best investment decisions while building value for them is your priority. Simply put, we get you out of the tax document management game.

We are built to do this work.

As a managed service partner to our clients, our business relies on over-delivering every time, so we’ll be with you every step of the way. We are equipped to answer any question and identify and resolve any issue.

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