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Mirador specializes in helping wealth managers design, select, integrate and operate key client systems. By operating as your virtual outsourced middle office or technology organization, we can help you offer your customers an edge your competitors can’t.

To deepen client relationships, illuminate everything.

Mirador enables you to bring your clients’ entire portfolio into view, not just your mandate.

From other managers’ portfolios, individual trading accounts, bank accounts, and direct investments – such as private-equity and hedge fund stakes, real-estate and collectibles – to liabilities, we can consolidate a real-time view of all your clients’ U/HNW assets.

This complete view enables you to identify opportunities and expose financial risks previously obscured.

Mirador takes
financial reporting
above and beyond.

This is where
end-to-end portfolio
key client system
integration begins.

Mirador experts
embedded in
your team.

An engagement with Mirador will earn you a data technologist, not “on call” but embedded. Adept at managing data and capable of spotting inconsistencies, seeing opportunities, and identifying risks buried in financial data, they’ll free you and your staff to focus on managing your clients, not your data. In addition, we can operate as your virtual outsourced COO or CTO, to help you offer your customers an edge your competitors can’t.

We are built to do this work.

As a managed service partner to our clients, our business relies on over-delivering every time, so we’ll be with you every step of the way. We are equipped to answer any question and identify and resolve any issue.

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