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Commentary | August 9, 2022

Podcast: Compensation Management 201 for Wealth Managers

Hosted by Tom Smith, Castine Consulting’s EVP of Sales, and featuring Mirador’s Expert Services Associate, Suzanne Mick Stafford, they discuss specific use cases and the benefits clients receive by leveraging Castine’s Commissioner, their powerful compensation management system.

Thought Leadership / Commentary / Podcast: Compensation Management 201 for Wealth Managers
Posted by Mirador

Mirador and Castine Consulting collaborated on a two-part podcast series to discuss compensation management for wealth managers. During the second installment of the two-part podcast, Suzanne uses detailed real-world cases to further drive the importance of technology-enabled compensation management.

Suzanne’s case examples explain how the Castine Commissioner system has benefitted Mirador’s clients through effective time management and accurate data collection. Suzanne states, “Automating 80 to 90% and having just a small piece left to do manually, the clients are overwhelmed with excitement by how much time they are saving by using the [Castine Commissioner] system”.

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Find part 2 here:

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