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Commentary | August 2, 2022

Podcast: Compensation Management 101 for Wealth Managers

Castine Consulting’s EVP of Sales, Tom Smith, hosted Mirador’s Founder and CEO, Joseph Larizza, to discuss how the combination of Castine’s best-in-tech solution and Mirador’s exceptional service deliver huge benefits for advisors.

Thought Leadership / Commentary / Podcast: Compensation Management 101 for Wealth Managers
Posted by Mirador

In this podcast, the first in a two-part series, Mirador and Castine discuss the basics of compensation management for wealth managers. Tom and Joe explain how Mirador’s operation of Castine Commissioner, their powerful compensation management system, supports client success and provides tangible bottom line benefits for clients.

Compensation management is becoming one of the biggest trend areas on which wealth management firms are focusing. “Not being able to aggregate data quickly and error-free and then assemble it into a complete picture are a few of the pitfalls of Excel… by getting out of that and into tools like Castine [the process] becomes a lot more seamless,” said Joe. Outsourcing to services like Mirador and Castine minimizes the risk of compensation and data errors for your firm by providing financial advisors with a completely reliable tool to implement targeted and complex compensation models.

Find part 1 here:

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