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In The News | July 19, 2023

Mirador Unveils Enhanced Compensation Management Services

Mirador Empowers Advisors and Streamlines Operations with Cutting-Edge Tools

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Posted by Mirador

STAMFORD, Conn. — Mirador, Inc., a leading managed services partner that provides best-of-breed financial reporting services, technology solutions, and products to the U/HNW wealth management industry, today unveiled its revitalized compensation management services.

Mirador’s compensation management services empower wealth managers and RIAs with superior sales, profitability, and compensation reporting, unlocking deeper insights and enhancing operational management and scalability opportunities. By partnering with Mirador, firms see a faster, more efficient compensation management process, allowing companies to focus on scalability and building out teams in a more cost-efficient way. Therefore, Mirador effectively reduces the burden on companies.

“Mirador provides clients with exclusive access to a dedicated team of experts who are committed to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and ensuring these advancements are vetted and implemented in a way that best serves each unique client need,” said Joseph Larizza, CEO & President of Mirador. “Our dedicated teams alleviate the challenges that in-house tech teams face in keeping pace with rapid market innovations and provide an extra layer of security for potential talent gaps.”

The latest enhancements to its compensation management services include an expanded team and upgraded product capabilities, extending the already robust roster of third-party offerings that include comprehensive data sourcing, seamless data uploading, system maintenance, and streamlined onboarding of new advisors. Mirador ensures client success from the very beginning, guiding the selection of the best-aligned system for a given client’s needs. Once a client is onboarded, Mirador ensures the smooth operation of compensation processes, including establishing and maintaining data feeds, meticulously reviewing and uploading manual entries, carefully scrutinizing pay files, and promptly forwarding outputs to designated accounting contacts. Additionally, Mirador provides timely post-payment confirmation, ensuring accuracy in pay dates and amounts. Their dedicated team also offers responsive customer support, delivering effective solutions in a timely manner.

“Comprehensive compensation management is fundamental to a firm’s operational success. It’s paramount for growth and talent retention, as advisors want more consistent and transparent practices,” said Michael Gault, Chief Solutions Officer of Mirador. “By implementing seamless management of compensation processes, firms not only position themselves to attract top talent but also eliminate key person and other operational risks created by administrative latency.”

Compensation management service enhancements are available immediately to existing and new clients. For more information about Mirador and its enhanced compensation management services, please visit or email

About Mirador, Inc

Mirador, Inc. was founded in 2015 in Darien, CT with one employee, one client, and one idea–to serve those who serve significant wealth. Mirador’s leadership and employee roster is comprised of wealth management and technology experts drawn from family offices and wealth management firms and is focused on delivering an array of services specifically developed for advisors to UHNW investors. Services include consolidated financial reporting, private investment support, alternative investment data management, K-1 document management, and compensation management for wealth management firms. The company also has a technology consulting team offering bespoke wealth technology solutions in an ever-evolving landscape. 

With a core firm tenet of delivering exceptional client service, Mirador’s subject matter experts serve three primary constituent groups: UHNW families and single-family offices; wealth managers, multi-family offices and RIAs; endowments and foundations. As a managed services partner to its clients, Mirador remains technology agnostic and free from conflict in guiding clients to the right solutions and best outcomes. Through partnerships with leading third-party technology platforms, Mirador consults on everything from technology selection to implementation and even ongoing system operation. As an extension of its clients’ teams, Mirador frees clients from technical and time-consuming operational tasks and allows them to focus on what really matters–creating value for their clients and their firm. 

Mirador’s flagship award-winning consolidated reporting service provides clients with insightful, real-time views of all portfolio assets and liabilities across all managers, regardless of asset class, custody, or currency. Providing reports that are strategically constructed to identify opportunities and expose financial risks, Mirador’s goal is to create true, ongoing client partnerships and ensure data integrity, cull new insights, answer questions, and resolve inconsistencies. 

In addition to its headquarters in Stamford, CT, Mirador, Inc. has offices in Chicago, Jacksonville, Salt Lake City, and internationally in London, Edinburgh, and Dublin and currently employs more than 160 people. The firm supports the requirements of clients throughout the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

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