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In The News | December 9, 2019

Mirador, LLC Opens Subsidiary, Mirari Wealth LTD, in Ireland to Serve Clients with EU-Based Investments

Maintains Transatlantic Trust with EU Privacy Shield

Thought Leadership / In The News / Mirador, LLC Opens Subsidiary, Mirari Wealth LTD, in Ireland to Serve Clients with EU-Based Investments
Posted by Mirador

Darien, CT., December 9, 2019 – Mirador, LLC (“Mirador” or the “Company”), the leading provider of bespoke portfolio-performance reporting solutions for high net-worth families and family offices, wealth management firms, and endowments and foundations, today announced the formation of Mirari Wealth Limited (“Mirari Wealth”), a financial reporting services subsidiary based in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Mirari Wealth and Mirador, LLC are now subsidiaries of the parent company Mirari Partners, LLC

The opening of Mirari Wealth enables the Company to provide the same level of exquisite service to clients with investments based in the European Union and other regions outside the United States as it does for those with investments based in the U.S.

“Mirador takes the utmost care in securely collecting, aggregating, analyzing and reporting financial portfolio performance data. The formation of this EU-based subsidiary enables us to interact with financial institutions weary of sending data to the U.S., outside of the protections such as GDPR,” said Joseph Larizza, Managing Partner of Mirador. “It’s all a matter of trust. The myriad data privacy regulations present a unique challenge in our business and the formation Mirari Wealth is the beginning of overcoming this challenge so we may best serve our clients.”

In addition to opening Mirari Wealth, the Company has obtained certification within the privacy-protection frameworks of the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy-Shields. By certifying its adherence to the rigorous data-protection criteria of these two legal frameworks, Mirador maintains the trust of financial institutions and investors across the EU and Switzerland who demand that their financial-data transfers enjoy the highest standard of privacy protection.

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