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Awards | November 17, 2021

Mirador Included in the Family Office Software & Technology Review 2021


Thought Leadership / Awards / Mirador Included in the Family Office Software & Technology Review 2021
Posted by Mirador

Family Offices require sophisticated software to meet their ever-changing needs. The functionality of software is imperative to providing seamless service. The Simple 2021 Software & Technology Review is a guide to help family offices in their decision-making process. Mirador is honored to have been recognized on this list.

Located in Copenhagen, and founded in 2015, &Simple offers insight into the future of sustainable wealth. Its focus is to benchmark and streamline family office operations. The review follows a user-first approach covering use-cases where software is assessed in an effort to best fit the needs of the client.

This review covers important topics such as data jurisdiction and regulation as well as interface localization, and privacy. It identifies six user types that demonstrate software use trends, similarities, and differences. These company types include start-up, legacy, best in class, single to multi-family offices, banker turned multi-family office and commercial family offices.

Categories explore technology and software needs based on factors such as agility, entrenched processes, and focus range. The results identify where opportunities lie within these specifications. The Simple 2021 Software Review is intended to help users understand and select the best products for family offices now and in the future.  

In addition to revealing the best software products suitable for supporting the varying needs of complex family wealth, the review also includes a select few service and support partners. As a service partner to our clients, Mirador helps family offices operate these complex systems in order to maximize their output.

In this review Mirador, LLC is recognized as an important managed services partner in the wealth management industry, helping operate and maximize complex software for our clients.

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